Useful tips to know before hanging a wall art

5 years ago

Mostly, people are inclined towards hanging pieces of artwork too high. However, this is not the right way to hang artwork. As per the suggestions from experts, the actual height to hang artwork is 57”, which means that the center of the artwork should be 57” away from the floor. Do remember that the talk is about the center of the artwork and not the position of the hook. The reason is that this is the standard height of the human eye. Notably, you can see that this is the standard height at which artwork is hung in the galleries and museums.

Achieve a balanced look

It is important to achieve a balanced look when you have many pieces of artwork. To do so, you need to make sure these are not too small as compared to the couch or other furniture. Ideally, the artwork should measure two-thirds the size of your sofa for a balanced look.

When arranging multiple pieces of artwork together, you need to ensure that the heavier ones are positioned in the bottom left and the relatively lighter ones at the top right. If there is a single large piece of artwork, then it should be positioned at the middle with the smaller ones arranged around it. Make sure you use a low adhesive tap to maintain consistent spacing between the artwork pieces.

Common mistakes in arranging wall art

A common mistake that people do is hanging wall art that does not suit the wall’s shape. It is important to hang a piece of artwork that is in the same orientation and shape as the wall you are trying to fill. Also, most people neglect to consider the frame of the wall art. The frame adds more personality and style to space as much as the artwork. So, always keep it into consideration before you choose the wall art.

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