General Methods for Industrial Spray Painting

5 years ago

Some years back, combined concepts of mechanics, chemistry, and physics turned into spray paint. Spray paint is one of the most useful tools for home improvement. If you are a house maker, you may read this article to determine some useful applications of spray paint. Using them to your advantage will be a brilliant idea.

Essential Applications of Spray Painting

What exactly is it?
Spray paint is nothing but a solvent, usually known as the hydrocarbon toluene that evaporates quickly at room temperature. Due to the high consumption of spray paints, many spray paint manufacturing factories are planted to produce color on a large scale. Below given are the three most common methods that are being used for industrial spray paintings.

Powder Coating
If you find a term Electrostatic spray painting, you need not to be confused. Sometimes, Electrostatic spray painting and Powder coating both are used to represent to one method that people use to apply dry paint for object surface. The way of applying dry paint is the same way you spray the paint-propellant mixture in a can. Moreover, you can make the movement of paint particles more smother by blowing compressed air through a spray gun onto the object surface.

Vacuum Coating
A vacuum coating method is already being used by most of the companies for applying water-based paint to object surfaces. It is mainly used to paint the objects made of wood, glass, or plastics. You may apply skinny coats using this method. In this technique, you may apply the paint evenly around the whole object and use UV light to dry the painted surface. The UV light usage is very high as compare to heat or sunlight because it is more efficient to dry objects in a few seconds.

Flatline Spraying
Flatline Spraying method is the most known paint techniques which are mainly used to paint material produced in large amount. It helps you to wash small items using a machine, specially designed for that. It has a chain of guns containing spray paint that move to coat the entire surface of your object evenly.

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