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Welcome to www.jameshempel.com .

This website gives you the latest news and happening in the world of art. If you are fascinated by how art has evolved over the different centuries to its present form , you have come to the right place. Human beings have always shown an interest in art in one way or another from the earliest days of civilization. This is apparent from the discovery of cave paintings from ages ago. Man uses art to depict his daily life and also to depict his dreams and aspirations.

There are several types of paintings that have become popular as time evolved. Many Master Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Edmund Munch, Donatello, Raphael, Claude Monet, Picasso and many more have contributed to the evolution of art. There are several articles on the website about the history of paintings and other artworks. You can also read up on how paintings are becoming more popular these days.  We also have plenty of tutorials that will teach you different painting techniques to get you on the right track. We have a forum which has lively discussions about different types of arts and artists. You can be a part of these discussions and meet like minded people from all over the world. Our special artist’s corner also displays paintings submitted by our website members. If you are a budding artist, feel free to post your paintings on the website and learn how to improve your technique from other experienced members.

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