Tips to decorate your house with hanging wall art

5 years ago

Imagine having blank walls in your house. In such a situation, it could be really intimidating to stare at blank walls. In some cases, you might have a stash of artwork framed and ready to use and you could be confused about where and how to display these pieces of artwork. You might wonder if you should have one substantial item fixed on a large wall or a collage of multiple pictures arranged in some or the other order.

Remember that there is no such rule to display the artwork on the walls of your home. But there are some factors such as the mechanics of hanging the pieces of artwork and positioning these pieces of artwork depending on their weight. It is all about the decorative aspect. Here you will get to know some aspects about hanging the various pieces of artwork as suggested by experts.

Leaving a bold statement

Firstly, talking about leaving a bold statement, you can do it by having a single large piece of artwork on a plain wall. This can be done by creating a space that is uncluttered. If you are planning for a bold look, then you can reinforce the same by matching the room’s color theme with that of the artwork. Some rooms will be inspired by an amazing painting or vivid wall art. In some cases, just a single piece of artwork will be the right solution to add a bright color.

Coordinate artwork on adjacent walls

Forget a single wall, if you have a whole room to be decorated, then you should have an understanding of where to hang which piece of artwork, especially when placing them on adjacent walls. One useful tip is to choose artwork for each wall base on the color scheme. It is not mandatory to hang pieces of artwork from the same artist in a room.

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