All You Want To Know About Large Wall Art

6 years ago

Large wall art is making an impact these days. Though, making it a reality is complicated and need practice and guidance. Street artists progress from one level to another in their career and their high point is mural painting. This form of art uses oil paint and it is not easy to accomplish the skill. There are some mural painting techniques that need to be mastered before moving to this stage. Mural painting is elaborate and time consuming exercise, it is always expensive as the project is large scale. Mural painting requires permission and at times may not be given easily. Aspiring mural painters need guidance to exhibit their mastery and here are some useful tips.

Finding a the right wall
Unless you are able to locate the right wall your mural project may not be successful. The project takes time and you cannot rush through it. Permission from the building owner is required and at times from the city officials, particularly if the project is located in public space. The work is monumental and to get the right appreciation you need to make your project visible, so that everyone is able to see it. Therefore, it is important to place your art in the right neighborhood or communities that can appreciate your artwork. To start with you can participate in festivals and the officials will be more than willing to give you the location. For this you need to exhibit skill, materials, designs and ideas.

Grid allows easy transfer to the wall
The best way to transfer your designs and ideas onto a large wall is by using grid. Whether it is for wall painting or mural stenciling, dividing the wall into smaller parts can help you accomplish the task. This way you can ensure you do not lose the big picture. It may time a little longer but it can bring about perfection to your design. Free hand painting despite the best of talent may not work out in the case of mural painting.

While embracing grid method, it is important to divide the walls into smaller portions before sketching. Each square should be a reference of your drawing and the squares have to be replicated onto the wall. Once the picture is set you need to add color to give life to your design after the lines are erased. A projector can come handy while proceeding with the project. Though, it is an expensive proposition it is worth the effort.

Materials play a vital role
The success of any mural painting lies in the choice of materials. There is no doubt you will use paint in large quantities for wall painting but what quality of paint to use is a question. For murals to last longer and not get washed off on a rainy day or fade away when exposed to sunlight you need to depend on good quality paint. Use of resistant paints can ensure the longevity of the art. The mural painting are either acrylic based or oil based paint as it retains the color for long and is suitable for outdoor painting.

Mural painting tips
Preparing the surface before painting is important, for this you need to use prime paint which is white in color. Since a large area is involved it is important to choose the right paint and the right quantity. Once the paint is selected you can start your masterpiece. But apart from the paint there are other tools that add to the quality of the output.

For those who do not want to use spray paint or stencils it is best to invest in some good quality paint sprayer and brushes, roller and other extension may also come handy. Ladders are useful to reach to inaccessible locations on the wall. Markers and small brushes can help to highlight details in the painting. Start with background and then cover large areas giving time for the paint to dry, to prevent it from blending with other colors. Once the project is complete, apply a protective coat to secure the mural from weathering. The varnish can add sheen and protect the painting from external factors like sunlight, rain and dust.

Mural painting is a time consuming art even for experts in the field. The above tips can make it easier to practice mural painting with ease.

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