Wall Décor- Do it Once, Do it Right

2 years ago

What Does it Take to Beautify Walls?

There is an emptiness that almost eats you up when you look at a beautiful wall that lies barren. These walls are practically begging to be beautified and decorated to reflect your personality. It does not matter whether the lonely wall lies in your home or office; it is your responsibility to fill it with the colors of your character. Take the next step and find out how you should go about the essential task of covering walls as per your preferences but for the delight of others.

One is enough
Irrespective of the size of the empty wall, you can get a painting or other artwork that can cover it and get rid of the awkwardness. Doing it with a single piece of art is always going to be the safest bet, as per numerous interior design experts. Multiple photographs or paintings are ideal for relatively smaller walls.

How tall are you?
The height at which you place a painting or other antique, matters a lot. These objects should be hung at a place where they look appealing irrespective of the distance from which an onlooker observes them. Experts suggest that the uppermost portion of the artwork should not be more than five feet from the floor. However, necessary adjustments must also be made keeping in view the height of the ceiling.

A wall and a gallery
If you have an impressive collection of artworks, then it would be a brilliant idea to get all of them up on a single large wall. As a connoisseur, it can be your pride. It will also be an excellent way to make the desired impact on all visitors to your home or office. Optimum usage of ledges will also serve you exceedingly well in creating the classiest gallery wall of your favourite collection.

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