Let Your Wall Paintings Do The Talking: Ideas By An Esteemed Architecture Firm

5 years ago

Why Wall Décor Is Imperative For A Home?


When we picture a dream home in our minds, we think of everything but the walls. At the maximum, we may envision the colour the walls should be, but that is it. We spend our time thinking over which sofa would fit the living room best. We worry about the right fabric for the curtains and the bedsheets. We ponder over the accessories and the knick-knacks. In the middle of all this thinking, we completely ignore the impact of walls.

The Golden Rules For Wall DécorThe Best architecture Firm in Chennai, Dwellion, reminds us of their importance. When you paint the walls a vibrant colour, they bring the whole room to life. When you cover them with subtly patterned wallpaper, the entire area becomes dazzling. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then imagine snow white walls with a majestic picture frame or a narrow gallery filled with perfectly placed images.

Walls create endless possibilities of beauty for a home. Therefore, in this article, we bring you some practical yet aesthetical ideas for wall décor. These ideas can be utilised for a complete overhaul or just a fresh-up. But before we dive into the home improvement through walls, let’s get some rules out of the way.

The Golden Rules For Wall Décor

• Pick wall art that covers the entire width of the wall barring about six to twelve inches on both sides. This ensures that the picture or painting looks centred. If you have a 24-inch wall, then choose a 12-inch-wide wall art so that there are 6 inches on both sides of it.
• If there is a bed, sofa or any other furniture abutting on the wall, then the wall art should have the same length as the furniture. If the artwork is bigger than the sofa, bed, table, etc. it gives a peculiar effect.
• If you have a large, empty wall and your budget doesn’t allow for massive and expensive wall art, then pick many smaller pieces. Lay the wall art out like a collage.
• Also, when you have many canvases or pictures, try to hand them in twos or threes. The symmetry creates for a more impactful image.

Gorgeous Wall Art And Décor Ideas For Every Home


The best part of wall décor is that it is available in every size and shape, which means it fits every home. From big mansions to tiny, urban flats, wall décor can be found for every abode. Here are some ideas for your inspiration, as Gorgeous Wall Art And Décor Ideasrecommended by the best architecture firm:

• For the bold dwelling, find sculptural and metal wall décor such as branches laid over a bed in monochromatic tones to bring a textural impact.
• For the chic residence, freeform wall décor is an excellent way to go. If you have an expansive wall, then treat it with metal butterflies in bold blue. Hang them in an airy pattern to create an illusion of “flying out of the window.”
• For the disciplined digs, a symmetrical and substantial work of art suits the best. Alternatively, pick a few images with a clean and crisp appearance and hang them proportionately.
• For the home with a unique taste, panels will fit like a glove. Imagine wood panels mounted on a Prussian blue wall to give it some dimensions!

If you want to start with something simpler, we say pick three paintings in a series and hang them. If you want a more holistic approach to wall décor, we say pick an eye-catching wallpaper and get to applying it! There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to wall décor. From traditional art to lightweight frames with no canvas or canvas with no frame, from object collages to sculptures of metal, the ingenuity which can be put is endless. The only condition is personal preference and beauty. Once you are done accenting your walls, they will speak volumes!. Check here about the golden rules of wall art.

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