Spray Paint like A Pro in Easy Steps

5 years ago

Spray Painting is Not Rocket Science

If you are fond of metal spray paintings and want to paint some objects using metal spray paints at your home, you may easily do it. Using spray paints and becoming a temporary a metal spray artist is not that complicated. Usually, spray paints are used on small metal objects like door hardware, bicycle parts, shelf brackets, and grill attachments, among others.

However, spraying paint evenly may not always be your priority. You may spray to make an object more visible. You can highlight some particular parts of an object. It is still better if you use spray paints with accurate finishing. By following some basics, you may use gloss metallic gold spray paint on a small pumpkin and turn it to an astonishing table piece in a few minutes.

Choose the right surface
To achieve highly finished results, make sure that the surface you have selected is free of rust, oils, grease, debris, water, old paint, and dust. Plus, make your object ready to accept the color by using wire brushes, sandpaper, or sandblasting. Once the metal surface is prepared, don’t touch the metal with your unclad hands because it makes the surface oily. It is recommended to use a rag or disposable rubber gloves.

Cover the surface area
If you decide to paint specific parts of any object, cover the area that you don’t want to paint with mask tape. Remove the excess tape using a craft knife; while doing this, you must wear gloves to keep the surface free of debris and oil.

Appropriate environment conditions
To achieve perfect spray paint finishing, you need to be mindful of some paramount factors. Absence of wind and sunlight will provide the ideal setting for you to paint an object to its full glory.

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