Paintings-A Classic Decorative Method!

7 years ago


Paintings have been used to beautify walls since time immemorial. Beautiful drawings and paintings on the ancient caves, which were once the living place of humans show that art has been a part of human life even ages before. Type of paintings and materials used for them may have changed, but the love for paintings still remains the same. Oil painting is the one most commonly used as wall hangings.

Often, people ask what is the best method to select a painting. This article is to provide you with some tips regarding how and where paintings can be used so that they get the most decorative value, all from the viewpoint of an artist!

Size of the painting
Choose the size of the paintings based on the size of the walls you are going to place them. If it is a large wall and if you are planning to hang just one picture, then go for a large picture, and the best place for it is in the centre of the wall. Large walls can also be made beautiful by keeping many small pictures in a particular pattern. So, make use of your creativity and do the planning before shopping for paintings.

Colours and theme
Paintings come in innumerable colours and themes. There are traditional styles and contemporary styles of pictures available. Select the one according to your interest and the place you are going to use it. What looks good in your living room may look out of place in the bedroom, and the vice versa can also happen. There are some paintings which will suit everywhere. If you are not well planned regarding the places that you are going to use the paintings, then it would be better to go for such paintings so that you can use them anywhere.


Make them personalised when used as gifts
If you are picking a painting to gift it to someone close to you, then you can try to get it personalised. Some artists provide you such options where you can suggest a theme or idea and get the painting done accordingly. You can get the portraits of your loved ones drawn as well. Such gifts would be so thoughtful, and it is sure that whoever receives them will cherish it for lifelong.

Options are endless
The places where paintings can be used are many. They need not be restricted to home walls alone. Offices, educational institutions, etc. can also make use of them. Office walls adorned with beautiful and elegant paintings create a vibe of positivity. Educational institutions can go for portraits of great personalities and use them instead of photos, as paintings are the more creative options compared to plane photographs.

Nowadays, there are a lot of business firms who make use of paintings to decorate their showrooms. I recently got a chance to work with companies like I Love Diamonds, Foley and Lardner, and so on. I am pleased that they have decided to display my work.

Apparently, such trends are growing. According to articles at, more and more people are seeking for excellent paintings as decorative pieces. This trend is indeed inspiring for every artist who loves his work!

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