Clementine Was An Artist

7 years ago

Do you want to draw images? Do you like to color your images with markers or crayons or paint? Should you want to color, draw or paint, then you’re an artist. You’ve got a unique gift. An artist is a person who creates a graphic without words. The images in the piece of art you create tell others what you’re attempting to say.

A plantation is a big farm. Clementine spent her whole life working and living on a plantation. It wasn’t always a simple life for Clementine – it was brutal and hard.

When she got married and grew up, she had five kids. She loved picking cotton although it was hard work.

Clementine was promoted to home from the fields. She took care of the laundry and became a gardener. She made clothing for their dolls as well as the plantation owner’s kids. Designing clothing was another of her many hidden gifts. Clementine loved to create quilts in wonderfully vibrant colors along with the other clothing she made and was artistic in everything she did.

As a young girl, she couldn’t manage markers, crayons or paints like other girls of her age. She’d many artistic abilities that she kept concealed, and she infrequently attended school in her childhood.

As time progressed, Melrose Plantation where Clementine resided became a sanctuary for writers and a lot of artists. Clementine would receive modest levels of paint from visiting artists. Occasionally, she found leftover paint after the artists left. Clementine began painting pictures during the night. For forty years, she painted, narrating life as she saw it. She painted over four thousand pictures.

She painted pictures about her life on the plantation – the day-to-day things she did, what others were doing, and what she saw. Without using words, she used her painting work on the plantation to tell the story of her life. She used images to tell whatever story she needed to tell.

Clementine Hunter became known as the very first African-American girl to display her work in Louisiana’s Most Well-Known Folk Artist and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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