What is Three-dimensional (3D) art design?

5 years ago

Three-dimensional (3D) Art design is one of the forms of artistic expression. At first, 3D art was the chalk art or street painting with realistic effect or any painting, which results in reality and depth. 3D art has been used for computer art with specialized software that makes concept art and characters for several programs, computer-based platform and games. These forms are three-dimensional in their own way, but we focus on contemporary 3D pictures that ignite the imagination.

The similar effect of imagination can be created while painting artwork, but it is unique to recognize studio artwork with 3D art. The 3D art is perceived to have depth, height and width and having these together make a form as 3D art. 3D art is not a flat kind of drawings, paintings and photographs. Architecture and sculptures can be classified as 3D. Three-dimensional art design comprises of elements such as proportion, balance and rhythm. In the digital world, 3D art is combined with technology driving towards progress and innovation for both the fields.

Knowing more about three-dimensional art (3D)

Three-dimensional drawings are used for large street compositions as the technique needs great patience and skill. 3D computer art is the image, which is produced with the help of advanced software and modeled using several geometric shapes. 3D art are created using computer characteristics that are close to photographic reality. The artists were striving towards the best representation of nature, which is now possible with the help of contemporary devices. There are still charming and appealing in various 3D works of design created by human hand.

Some of the examples for the 3D works of art are Hall of the Giants, Mantova in Italy executed by Giulio Romano, 3D pencil drawing by Nagai Hideyuki, Chiang Mai Museum, Dvur Kralove waterfall, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Kurt Wenner, Lodz in Poland, etc.

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