Tips to Paint Things Quickly

5 years ago

Speed Doesn’t Imply Lack of Quality

If you want to paint smoothly and quickly, it is good to disassemble objects into smaller pieces. However, you can’t do it if you have to break them apart before you start painting it in different directions.

Why is it a good idea?
Disassembling allows you to concentrate on smaller parts of the objects and paint them correctly. If you are painting in a specific direction, you will find it relatively easy to fill gaps and spaces. You should not forget that all the hacks and tips are given by the so-called ‘experts’ may not always help you in doing a decent job. So, you must make prudent decisions.

Clean it up, buddy
Dust particles tend to destroy the finishing and smoothness of the enamel. So, it is smarter to switch off the fan, air conditioner, or any other equipment which may move dust particles in the paint surface before it is dry.

You must make sure that you clean the object to be painted about half an hour before you start painting it. Also, clean the spray nozzle with nail polish remover or use the right quality nozzle. It will be best if you could use carbon respirator when painting indoors.

Don’t rush it
For a good quality finish, paint a tack layer first and then after drying, apply another coat of paint. Tack layer will help the color to stick to the surface and avoid a runoff, then apply another layer of paint to fulfill the voids and thinner spaces.

Do not break the rules
You must read and follow all the instructions written on the can. Drying time and the time gap between applications of two layers must be followed for best results. If the object is small, you must hang it in such a way that it can be painted from all sides evenly.

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