Minor Changes and Major Upgrades

5 years ago

Why Rely on Others when You Can DIY?

Many of you might have that bug at the core of your heart to keep innovating, chopping, and changing various aspects of your life. Improving the appearance of your room can be an excellent way to bring out your creativity. It can also be a fun way to spend a dreary weekend afternoon. But how do you propose to go about it? Well, it might seem to be a bit complicated, but if you have the will, read on to find a way.

Ideas are aplenty
Below you can find a list of some things that you can try to make the walls in your room come to life:

  • Handmade flowers spelling your name
  • Hanging a gorgeous scarf on a wall
  • Self-made abstract paintings
  • Spray painted objects made to look funky
  • Magnetic scrabbles full of color
  • Using ropes to spell out words and sentences

Where are the details?
Making artificial flowers do not require a substantial skill. You can learn the intricacies and nuances of this exercise quite quickly. If you do a simple Google search, you can get many videos on sites like YouTube. These tutorials can help you in accomplishing the seemingly challenging task with a great deal of ease.

You can make abstract paintings if you have simple equipment. The use of masking tapes can be productive in imparting that artistic feel to your artwork if you do not have the expertise. However, if you want to use ropes to spell out a word and put it up on one of the walls in your home, then you will need to make some extra efforts. You will have to buy the prettiest and most elegant rope. You will also have to find the most suitable font that gels in perfectly with the d├ęcor of the rest of your home.

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