Advantages of 3D modeling and design you should know

5 years ago

3D modeling has transformed the way we design and has made it much better. It has helped designers as well as users visualize the space requirements, improve accuracy and drawing efficiency. The benefits of 3D modeling for designers extend beyond coordination and productivity. It plays an important role in enhancing the communication between the designer and the user. And, better communication will result in reduced construction mishaps as the feedback is provided at the design phase itself.

3D modeling addresses space requirements

When it comes to 3D modeling for design, the designer will be able to see what they want and this is not the case with 2D designing. It is an advantage that designers can access how much space the object they design will take considering all perspectives. In 2D designing, the designer will have to create another plan and an elevation view to take a look at the space needed by an object, which is a longer process.

Designers can talk a walkthrough

While designing in 3D, the design is usually done in a single model, unlike using multiple models wherein one model is needed for each view in 2D designing. Notably, designing in several models will lead to more mistakes due to duplication of information. When the same is done in 3D using a single model, there will be better coordination among designers. Moreover, designers can take a walkthrough with the help of a software that lets them check for design clashes. The designers will be able to see if there will be operational access, equipment maintenance access and resolve safety concerns. Eventually, 3D designing will make it more user-friendly for the end users.

Designing in 3D will let the designer take a look at the 3D final design and review it. Whereas, in 2D designing, it is tough to visualize designs. So, the designers will have better access and clarity regarding what will be built around the design.

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