About the Artist

My name is James Hempel and I would like to welcome you to my world. I was born and raised and Wisconsin and then moved on to study Natural Sciences and Fine Arts at the prestigious Lawrence University. After trying my hand as a school teacher of science and math, I decided to return back to my first love, painting! I joined a classical program at Atelier Prohl to hone my techniques and have ever looked back since.

Since my stint at Atelier Prohl, I have been inspired by the rural landscape of the Midwest to create moving images in oil as well as sketches. Presently I own and maintain Studio and a Gallery in Milwaukee. I also like to impart my knowledge in art to interested students through the School of Fine Arts that I have set up as well. My paintings have found their way into many private as well as corporate collections in the recent years. I have also been commissioned to do some artwork for the public library in Wisconsin.

Art Classes

I have found much joy in painting and creating different pieces of art, that I found myself interested in imparting my knowledge to the next generation of art lovers. I have opened up a School of Fine Arts in Wisconsin that is open to all art lovers. I get to instruct my students in the fine nuances of painting while taking them through different art techniques at the same time. Art can only be perfected through practice, and I ensure that all my students have more than enough practice of getting each technique right. I also hold special shows at my Gallery to promote my student’s work at the end of their course, so that they get to enjoy that particular feeling of joy on sharing their creation with the rest of the world.

Introducing art to young kids is my favourite hobby. I offer regular classes for young kids to give them a glimpse into the beautiful world of art. You never know, we might have a future artist hiding in our midst. Watching their delight as they look through paintings of different eras is a mesmerising experience.

Recent Art Shows

I have been displaying my art at different galleries around the world and have received a lot of appreciation for my portraits. I also have a signature style in landscape painting that has found many fans in the art world. I have been fortunate enough o be the recipient of several awards as well that makes me grateful for being able to pursue my passion.  Take a look through my gallery and let me know what you think!